Welcome to Wild Earth Pictures.

Having successfully completed a 30 year career, I am now pursuing my love of photography.

I have a particular passion for the Northern Lights and I have been fortunate enough to view this spectacular phenomena numerous times.

My interest in the Aurora encouraged me to study some of the science behind their occurrence, which has enabled me to share my knowledge and understanding with others, with a view to assisting them to achieve the best photographic opportunities.

My presentation "Chasing the Lights" provides an insight into this natural phenomenon, with images, personal anecdotes and advice on photographic techniques to capture them. I can deliver this presentation via an on line platform, to interested groups.

I have also organised and lead photographic group trips in pursuit of the Northern Lights, for friends and members of my own Camera Club.

Please contact me if any of the above may be of interest to you. Likewise, should you wish to purchase a particular image of mine, then please contact me to discuss